Digital Birthday Club

Why Do I need an Digital Birthday Club?

  • EXPOSURE – You’ll reach new customers each and every day
  • GOODWILL – It helps to create a strong sense of ‘affinity’ and “good will” throughout your community so your business becomes one of the premier destinations for birthday celebrations
  • NEW CUSTOMERS – You’ll drive new customers into your business every day because you’ll be reaching a new audience regularly
  • ROI – You’ll convert new customers into regular customers so your ad dollars work better at a much lower cost
  • LARGE AUDIENCE – If your business is a restaurant you NEED to know that more than 70% of all Americans eat out on their birthday …
  • GROUP SPEND – The average birthday table in a restaurant is a party of 3-4 people and …
  • LARGE TABLE SPEND – Birthday guests spend on average $78 per table according to National Restaurant Association … do the math!
  • MARKETING LIST – Probably the most important aspect of our program – Your building a customer ‘list’ that you can continually market your services to whenever you want meaning more business on an ongoing basis for virtually FREE!!!


Business’ Biggest Challenges

  1. Keeping your business full, especially during non-peak hours
  2. Getting and maintaining customers
  3. Increasing marketing frequency to improve repeat customers
  4. Breaking through all the clutter to get your customers to respond to advertising messages

Unfortunately it’s a sad fact that that most businesses spend a LOT of money to get new customers, and continue to do so over and over again without seeing any R.O.I.

However, there is a more effective approach!

Utilizing our Electronic Birthday Club you’re going to invest one time to gain new customers, and then spend a lot less (virtually FREE!) to get repeat business.

How Our System Works

  1. We run ads on Facebook® Fan Pages on your’re behalf precisely targeted to local people that are having a birthday within the week that are within 10 miles of your business – below is an example of one of the ads we run on the behalf of restaurants
    Birthday Ad Example
  2. The ads consist of custom images and videos (examples below) that promote your business by wishing those people a happy birthday and directing them to fill out a form to receive a birthday gift from your business


  3. Your new customers are then sent a series of eMails and/or text messages where the initial eMail and/or text provides them with a coupon that they can print out and bring with them to your business. Or, many people prefer to simply show their coupon to the business on the their mobile phones to receive their birthday gift
  4. Depending upon the Birthday Club package you choose, you can receive notifications whenever a form is completed and submitted while consistently building an eMail list that you can then advertise other deals, sales or specials your business is running throughout the rest of the year thus gaining repeat business and increased revenue
  5. Again, depending upon the package you choose, we’ll set-up an autoresponder that will automatically send an eMail to your new customers every year offering them a birthday gift from your business. This is on-going “repeat” business and the best part is, this is done automatically with no need for you to manage this auto-messaging system, a true “set and forget” marketing system

In Summary

  • PERPETUAL REACH – We’re putting your business in front of NEW people every day meaning you’ll get on-going exposure EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK
  • NEW CUSTOMERS – You’ll drive NEW customers into your business consistently as every 7 days we’ll reach a new audience to drive into your business
  • DESTINATION SPOT – You’ll be one of the exclusive businesses in your town that provides a birthday club
  • ROI – You’ll increase repeat business thus improving your ‘return on investment’ based on the new business we’ll be bringing you
  • TRACKABLE – You’ll know exactly how many people your business is reaching and the effectiveness of your marketing
  • TAX DEDUCTION – You may be able to claim this program as an advertising tax deduction. As we are not tax advisers you should contact your Accountant to see if this program qualifies


Make Sense, Ready to Get Started?

If “yes”, please CLICK HERE, or if you’d like you can VIEW THE REGISTRATION FORM and take it for a test drive to see how potential customers will go through the system and become a new customer.

Still Have Questions?

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