Birthday Coupon

CONGRATULATIONS on claiming your birthday gift!

There’s only a few easy steps left to redeem your coupon below.

  1. Either print out the coupon and present it at the business where you registered to receive your birthday gift, or …
  2. Simply visit the business where you registered for your birthday gift and show the coupon on your mobile phone

Remember though that there are a few conditions that must be met before you can receive your birthday gift:

  • You must provide proof of your birth date
  • You must bring at least one (1) friend or family member to enjoy your birthday with you
  • You must provide your VALID eMail address and/or mobile phone # as we’ll send you a new coupon each year so you can enjoy future birthday gifts from us, and most importantly …
  • Smile and promise to have a great time!


Generic Coupon-Whole Month

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